Time to Get Those Toes Sandal Ready!

Chris Bernardo
By Chris Bernardo April 24, 2015 13:36 Updated

When I go to get my nails done, I am always nervous about going to new places.  And, to be honest, Fair Lawn’s River Road is full of new experiences for one to explore.  So, naturally, I had no idea what to expect when I first walked into Young Nails, located at 14-12 River Road.  But with spring on its way, I had to get my feet sandal ready.

Time to Get Those Toes Sandal Ready!At the entrance, I was greeted by a friendly Maltese named, Lucky.  The staff quickly followed with their own greetings.  I was asked what it was I was needed.  I told them that I needed a manicure and a pedicure, and then I picked my color.

Next, I was ushered over to one of the pedicure stations and my experience began.  Once seated, I was able to take a better look at my surroundings.  The space was well kept and the equipment used was in good condition. Nothing makes me happier than a nail salon that is clean and organized.

Then, the ladies got to work.  My manicure and pedicure were done at the same time.  I had gotten to Young Nails so early that I was the only customer there at the time. I found it to be an efficient idea to put in practice.  Two services, half the time (I was done in about an hour).

Both of the ladies who worked on me were courteous and thorough in every aspect of the task set before them.  I applaud both of them on a job well done.

Of all of the places I have gone to previously, I have learned that no nail salon is the same.  Each place has always done something different with their pedicures to make them stand out from all of the others.  In this case, Young Nails provided a leg massage that included the use of a warmed massage stone, as well as a paraffin heel treatment.  Both were very nice touches and I enjoyed them quite a bit.

The hand massage was also well done.  It was more focused on the areas of the hand that are typically the most stressed.  As someone who physically writes things down regularly, this was very much appreciated.

Once my manicure was completed, I was brought over to the drying station.  I received a shoulder massage for several minutes while my nails dried.  I was told during that time about other polish options that Young Nails has available.  The first option I was told about was the color gel, which is durable and lasts at least two weeks.  I was also told about another new polish that they offer called Vinylux.  It is a polish that remains chip free for up to seven days.  I thought both options were definitely something to keep in mind for future visits.

Typically for me, most nail polish lasts about two or three days before it cracks and chips noticeably.  That was not the case this time.  This polish (just a regular color polish picked off the wall) lasted for twelve days before there was any noticeable chipping!  This polish lasted through me writing, typing, washing dishes, using handheld devices and so on.

As I write this review, my pedicure is still completely intact and it’s been almost a month since I had my toes done.  There is not one visible chip in the polish.  Clearly they do quality work with quality product.  I would be happy to recommend the services of Young Nails to others.

Chris Bernardo
By Chris Bernardo April 24, 2015 13:36 Updated

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