New Business: Bloom Yoga

Chris Bernardo
By Chris Bernardo October 2, 2014 15:46

Bloom Yoga touts itself as the first yoga studio in the Fair Lawn area that offers both adult and children’s yoga classes.

Bloom Yoga Opens in Fair Lawn

Evelyn Brigandi and her daughter, Lucie, at the newly opened Bloom Yoga on River Road in Fair Lawn.

The new studio, located on 13-20 River Road in Fair Lawn, opened its doors to the public last week with a soft opening. Kids classes are starting on Sept. 29 and an official grand opening is set for October.

New Business: Bloom Yoga

Brigandi demonstrates a Tree Pose with Lucie.

According to the businesses’ website, Bloom Yoga offers all levels of adult and children’s Hatha yoga classes. This exercise focuses on breathing while moving the body through specific asanas (poses), leading to physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. The benefits of yoga are endless – improved flexibility, advanced whole body strength, enhanced posture, strong sense of balance and improved breathing while alleviating stress are just a few of the positives of the practice.

Evelyn Brigandi, a 2000 Fair Lawn High School graduate, is a first-time owner of a business. She has been practicing yoga for 10 years and was looking for something she could do with her 13-month-old daughter, Lucie. Bloom Yoga offers classes for parents and their children.

Bloom Yoga has beginner and advanced adult classes, but also targets parents and children for a combined bonding experience.

“Yoga is a great way to bond with your child,” said Brigandi.

According to the website, studies show that offering yoga to children shows them how to release stress, retain more information and think positively with increased confidence.

Classes at Bloom are taught by highly skilled instructors that add their own personal touch and use a Vinyasa flow style of teaching by incorporating the breath, movement and meditation.

Brigandi explained that everyone can practice yoga.

“Flexibility is not required,” she explained. “You don’t have to bend like a pretzel. Yoga is for everyone.”

Some of the yoga classes include:

Adult Beginner: This slow-paced Vinyasa flow class is an introduction to yoga with an emphasis on integrating pranayama (breath), asanas (poses) and meditation. During this hour the group moves at a slower pace focusing on proper alignment and movement.

Adult Mixed-Levels: The adult mixed-level class incorporates all of the elements of the adult beginner class but moves at a faster, more powerful pace. The poses may be a bit more challenging, but instructors are available to provide personalized variations.

Children’s Class Descriptions

Happy Baby Yoga (4-12 months old): This mommy and me class helps to reduce the stresses of new motherhood. It combines yoga and play while toning and strengthening the body, creating a bond between you and your infant.

Tree Top Toddlers (1-3 year olds): Pair up with your toddler in animated yoga poses, games, music and breathing exercises to help improve coordination and build body awareness. This fun class creates a bond between parent and child.

Teeny Yoginis (3-5 year olds): In this energy releasing yoga class, Bloom Yoga combines simple yoga poses with music, story time and puppets. Kids will relax and calm their bodies through breathing and visualization exercises, while building strength and flexibility!

Jammin’ with Jared: Mommy and me classes with Jared are an interactive concert experience.

For more information on Bloom Yoga, call 201-203-0791, email or visit the website at

Bloom Yoga offers both adult and children’s classes in Fair Lawn

Chris Bernardo
By Chris Bernardo October 2, 2014 15:46

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