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Chris Bernardo
By Chris Bernardo October 7, 2016 16:08

Phil D’Angelo opened his specialty guitar shop in early 2016 at 16-23 River Road. This location boasts convenient parking right in front of the door; and the River Road District has the opportunity of having a trained and committed specialist in guitars and other string instruments.

There is long list of services which include but limited to repairs on all string instruments, handmade nuts and saddles, Floyd Rose installation and much more. Visit the website for his full description and call 201-995-3013 for the store hours.

Mr. D’Angelo starting playing guitar in the early 80’s as a teenager, became fascinated with how the guitar works and started taking them apart to experiment. Phil is originally from Jersey City, attended the Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music in Hollywood, CA and graduated in 1987.

Years later, Phil had the great honor of learning from master luthier Tom Doyle who had re-fretted one of his guitars. Tom had done custom work for famous guitarist and provided the excitement for Phil to continue his studies with repair, setup and fretting techniques of world renowned luthier Dan Frlewine.

Mr. D’Angelo has been successfully running his own guitar shop full time for the past 10 years in Fair Lawn, NJ. “I’ve been blessed to have a continually increasing clientele of both professional and hobby musicians and have maintained a 5 Star Review Rating on Google from over 40 customers.”

To learn more about Phil D’Angelo, visit his website at https://www.dangeloguitars.com/index.html.

Chris Bernardo
By Chris Bernardo October 7, 2016 16:08

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