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Market Analysis & Strategic Planning Recommendations

In 2010 the JGSC Group conducted our market analysis, retail assessment, and strategic planning process that are part of their Community Insights program.

Through the use of custom research, they provide an in-depth evaluation of the economic realities of the River Road Improvement Corporation district corridor, offer strategies for retaining the businesses already in place, propose a plan for the recruitment of new businesses in categories that they identify to be sustainable for the River Road Trade Area, offer marketing strategies, and a specific plan to attract investors.

Download the report here
Note: This is a large file and should not be downloaded over mobile bandwidth.

Rave Reviews on River Road

D’Angelo Guitars

D’Angelo Guitars

October 7, 2016

In early May this year, the River Road District finally got its car wash! Read More

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River Road Market Study

Fair Lawn River Market Study

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