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The River Road Improvement Corporation (RRIC) was organized in 1995 for the exclusive purpose of fostering a private/public partnership to organize, plan and implement the economic and physical improvement of River Road and the community of Fair Lawn, and for such other charitable, education, scientific and civic purposes so as to qualify as an exempt organization under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code or the corresponding sections of any future federal tax code”.


We believe that Fair Lawn is a community fully capable of meeting the challenging needs of changing times, particularly the challenge of maintaining healthy, vital commercial districts which in the absence of a traditional downtown, provide a distinct and recognizable ‘historic signature” for those in and around our community.

We believe that River Road, like other districts in our community, needs focused attention to improve the district and its commercial viability.

We believe that River Road, unlike other districts in the community, has the current wherewithal and ability through the private/public partnership that the River Road Improvement Project represents to immediately capture the energy and cooperation which is available to foster the improvement of the commercial district.

We also believe that what will work on River Road will ultimately work for the other districts once the validity of the private/public partnership concept represented by the Project is proven.


Therefore, the River Road Improvement Project, will work on behalf of all those who live, work or invest in River Road to foster the district’s economic development, encourage the district’s revitalization and strengthen the district’s economic and commercial contributions to the residents and property owners of the Borough of Fair Lawn.

We commit to working with any member of the public and private sector who shares these goals to build a non partisan partnership to implement the Project’s recommendations for improving River Road.

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D’Angelo Guitars

D’Angelo Guitars

October 7, 2016

In early May this year, the River Road District finally got its car wash! Read More

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